Gutters are arguably a roofer’s most controversial topic. Many homeowners, roofers, and even laws can’t seem to agree on whether or not gutters are necessary and essential. This page is going to be your ultimate resource for gutters, answering what they are and why they’re important.

What exactly are gutters?

Gutters, also referred to as rain gutters or eavestroughs, are water redirection systems. They’re attached to the ends of the roof along the fascia to collect water and drain it all to one location away from the house. Depending on your state and the angle of your roof, gutters may be required by law. However, if it’s left up to the homeowner’s decision, there are some factors to consider.

Why should you bother with gutters?

Rain gutters were designed for a reason, they’re effective and prevent sizeable damage to your home.

Gutters also increase the lifespan and value of the property they’re attached to. To learn more about gutter options or to get an estimate for your roof, contact us.