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Hurricane Cleanup and Home Repair

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In The Wake Of Hurricane Damage, Royal Exteriors Has You Covered

Hurricane damage can be downright disheartening — seeing the damage to your home you’ve invested so much in is stressful and it can be difficult assessing the damage.

Don’t do it alone!

The hurricane restoration experts at Royal Exteriors can quickly assess the storm’s damage and give you an affordable bid to get you back into your home reclaiming life as usual.

Learn more about our hurricane repair services today!

After the Storm Subsides, Royal Exterior Gets to Work

Rapid Storm Response

Emergency Repairs

Securing Your Home

Water Damage Restoration

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Content Recovery

Structural Repairs

The Damage Doesn't Last

Repair Hurricane Damage Today

You Can’t Prevent Hurricanes, But You Can Make Their Cleanup And Repair Effortless

Every year the small nook of the Bay County area in northwestern Florida experiences hurricane season. And while its severity changes each year, homes along this coastline are vulnerable to hurricane damage. With major risks of flooding and fallen trees to electrical issues and structural damage, hurricanes can lead to substantial damage that needs to be addressed rapidly.

The hurricane repair team at Royal Exteriors has the experience and hurricane-specific repair skills to restore your home and help get you back to normal life, pre-hurricane.

After The Storm

Hurricanes prove time and time again how truly powerful and detrimental they can be. It’s imperative to act swiftly once the hurricane has passed — after the storm, you’ll need to take immediate action to understand the extent of the damage. Royal Exteriors is by your side from start to finish to ensure that not only is your home secure right after the storm, but also in putting the finishing touches on any construction repairs that need to happen.

Even if your home seems like it has been spared and is structurally sound, it’s still important to get it assessed — ripped off and damaged siding to broken windows still makes your home vulnerable to damage. The exterior of your home is given the job of protecting the interior from the outside elements, so if any part of it is compromised, so are you.

Slow-moving hurricanes produce more rain and typically cause more damage.

Should You Repair Or Replace?

It’s likely that you’ll know whether repair or replacement of exterior components like siding or your roof will need to be replaced. If only a couple of places were damaged, a repair will likely happen, but if there is more damage than not, you’ll likely need to replace them.

When you connect with hurricane contractors, you can inform them of what you see so they can better know what they’ll be assessing. It’s typically recommended that after a hurricane, the siding be replaced if it has been damaged. Even if only small sections were affected, there is a good chance there is moisture damage surrounding most of the exterior.

Learn more about our siding options in our buying guides including:

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The Value In Hurricane-Rated And Superior Materials

The Bay County area is subject to hurricanes, so it’s integral to take preventative measures when it comes to the damage your home might incur. While no structure is hurricane-proof, there are better materials and higher-quality products that can help protect your home from the next storm.

Stay resilient and combat hurricane season with the unrivaled workmanship and high-quality materials that Royal Exteriors stands behind. With tested and vetted products and materials from companies we trust, you can always rely on our hurricane repair services.

Hurricane season begins in June and ends in November, peaking in August and September.

Robust Exterior Siding

Royal Exteriors has a broad variety of siding options, but when it comes to Bay County homes, fiber cement siding is the top choice. This type of siding is not only what dominates Florida homes for its incredible durability, but also its water- and fire-resistance. Hurricanes not only produce rain, but homes can be subject to fires as a result of downed power lines. Consider fiber cement siding when your home undergoes hurricane repair or requires replacement siding.

Impact-Savvy Windows

When your Bay County property is subject to hurricane damage each season, choosing impact-resistant hurricane windows may be a good option. There is a broad range of hurricane-rated windows that can help fortify your home and keep it protected for when the next hurricane hits. Connect with one of Royal Exteriors’ team members to discuss the right hurricane windows for your home.

Recover from the Storm

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Rapid Storm Response

Recovering from a hurricane starts right after the storm stops! These are the crucial hours to get a team out to your home to begin initial cleanup and temporary repairs before hurricane repair begins.

Royal Exteriors has rapid storm response times to aid you and your home following the hurricane to get right to work.

Emergency Repairs

Depending on the scale of the hurricane, this natural disaster can leave your entire area out of commission, and likely all restoration teams will be at max capacity.

Royal Exteriors can work with you to assess the initial damage and make any emergency repairs before coming in and doing the complete hurricane repairs — we ensure your home is structurally safe to continue inhabiting, if applicable.

Securing Your Home

Along with the initial emergency repairs, Royal Exteriors can help secure your home if there is only minor damage. From assessing the exterior of your home to checking the electrical and scope of water damage, we help keep you in your home.

This can include:

  • Temporary roof repair
  • Boarding up windows
  • Installing temporary walls
  • Emergency electrical and plumbing repairs

Water Damage Restoration

Addressing water damage is vital in hurricane cleanup and repair — not only can it cause significant damage, but over time, it can create a new kind of insidious damage — mold.

Water damage can also occur from firefighting efforts if your home suffered from an electrical fire from downed power lines or other electrical issues within your home as a result of the hurricane.

Royal Exteriors can help dry and dehumidify your home, in addition to water extraction.

Structural Repairs

When a hurricane strikes the Bay County area, there’s always the chance that damage will go beyond the exterior. Royal Exteriors provides turn-key residential hurricane repair reconstruction. We help in the cleanup, repair, and rebuilding efforts after a hurricane.

Our experienced team has unique skills and knowledge that reflect in the way we handle post-hurricane construction of your home. This includes:

  • Controlled demolition
  • New siding
  • New windows
  • Repair and restoration

Get The Hurricane Repair Your Need Today, And Stay Prepared For The Next Storm

Royal Exteriors specializes in hurricane repair — from new siding to glass repair and new window installments. Our quality workmanship and unmatched products and materials lead the industry and create repeat customers.

We are intentional with our customers, focusing on project expectations and communication, while taking pride in our work to deliver hurricane repair that our customers love.

Royal Exteriors is here for you after the storm and protects your home from the next hurricane with high-quality materials and people with the expertise.

Connect with Royal Exteriors today for more information on our hurricane repair!

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