From June until November every year, your home is at risk during hurricane season. Category two and three storms are the ones that tend to cause the most damage to a house’s exterior without completely demolishing the house. Category four and five will cause extreme damage and may demolish certain structures.

Category 2 Storm

A category two storm has winds as fast as a baseball pitch (96 – 110 mph) and not only causes trees to uproot from the ground, but also causes issues to a building’s exterior. You can expect shingles, gutters, and siding to be blown askew or away after this hurricane passes.

Category 3 Storm

A category three storm is considered a major threat, with winds as fast as Venus Williams’ tennis serve (111 – 129 mph). These hurricanes have been known to rip roof decks and siding completely off of houses.

If you’re in need of help repairing hurricane damage inflicted to your home, please contact us.

Category 4 Storm

Category 4 and Category 5 storms cause catastrophic damage to most structures they come in contact with. Category 4 storms have winds ranging from 130-156 mph.

For reference, the fastest roller coaster in the world travels up to 150 mph reaching 4.8 Gs. NASA astronauts experienced 3 Gs on their first trip into space. Severe damage to the outside of buildings is almost guaranteed. If you’re in need of major repairs after a hurricane, get in touch with us.

Category 5 Storm

The last on the scale. Category 5 storms have winds 157 mph and higher and are nearly guaranteed to cause extreme destruction to most buildings, regardless of construction. Outside facades and windows will see major damage.

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