Get the most out of your Panama City home siding!

Coastal homes — including Panama City — are confronted with salty air, sunny rays, and high humidity, which makes them subject to a variety of wear and tear on the exterior. To withstand the elements and keep your home protected, it’s integral to implement high-quality siding materials that are region-specific to your oceanfront digs.

Royal Exteriors knows that the right siding materials make the difference, especially when faced with high winds, hurricanes, and other extreme weather conditions. Explore the best home siding for your Florida home in today’s post.

Does Coastal-Specific Materials Really Make A Difference?

The more your home exterior is exposed to harsh elements, the more high-quality and durable materials will make a difference. Oftentimes, it’s the difference between repairing a couple of siding panels after a large storm and having to replace your siding completely. At the end of the day, coastal-specific siding just fairs better.

In hot and humid climates, including Panama City, optimal home siding will:

Defend Against Debris – From tree branches to debris caused by hurricanes, you need a siding option that can defend against high wind and debris.

Keep An Ambient Indoor Temperature – The right siding will keep the heat out, to help keep your interior cool while reducing energy costs. There are a variety of materials and colors that are perfect for hot and humid regions.

Protect Against Moisture – Humidity and moisture are just a part of living in a coastal climate, but it certainly subjects your home to rot and mold and mildew growth. The right siding will protect against unwanted moisture, to help keep your home dry.

Deter Pests – Pests, especially in hot and humid climates, love becoming residents of your home. The exterior of your home is an excellent food and water source until they can nibble into the interior! Quality siding will deter pests and keep your Panama City home bug-free.

The Moisture And Heat Variables

One of the solely damaging variables your home siding faces is moisture — it’s extremely destructive and causes your home siding to deteriorate. When excess dampness and trapped moisture ensue, they can rapidly penetrate exterior walls that soften the wood, ruin insulation, and cause a mold infestation.

High UV exposure can cause discoloration and cracking in siding, so pair the cracking from UV damage with the moisture, and together you have two elements that can wreak havoc on your home.

The Best Siding Materials For Florida’s Climate

For a robust home siding that combats the unique Florida weather, there are a variety of great choices to choose from.

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is a blend of cement, wood, and sand fibers, and together, this protective mixture is perfectly cured to ward off moisture. It’s a great all-purpose siding that works for a wide array of climates, but really serves the coastal and subtropical climates of Florida.

Not only is it highly durable, but it also is widely versatile and comes in a range of colors and styles that perfectly meld with your design aesthetic.

Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding is a perfect match for hot and humid climates because of its water, fire, rot, and pest resistance. Worried about rust? Don’t worry, aluminum is a rust-free metal!

Vinyl Siding

While vinyl siding unfairly gets labeled as a cheap home siding option — yes it is affordable, no it is not cheap — it is one of the best siding materials around.

Vinyl siding is water-resistant and available in an array of styles and colors that you’ll love. They’re now creating vinyl siding that beautifully mimics planks, wood, and other siding materials.

Treated Siding

Much of the new home siding that is coming to market is taking siding to a new and innovative level with treated siding. It harnesses the standard siding materials we all know and love and heightens their durability through waxes and resins, overlays, and chemical formulations such as zinc borate to stabilize siding and further prevent damage from the elements.

Make The Best Home Siding Choice With Royal Exteriors

Panama City is no stranger to ravaging winds, high rainfall, and hot, sunny days, and while people can’t complain about Florida weather, it takes its toll on the exterior of homes. Avoid the heat and moisture, and protect against rot and pests with a siding that preserves the exterior of your home.

If you’re in need of siding repair or replacement, Royal Exteriors is the leading choice in siding contractors. We can help defend your home and prepare it for all the extreme weather that Panama City experiences. From fiber cement and vinyl siding to aluminum, we provide the best siding materials that last, from suppliers we trust.

Keep your Florida home resilient and gorgeous — get started with Royal Exteriors today and get siding that delivers on quality, durability, and design!