Chances are you had never heard the terms “soffit” or “fascia” before looking into remodeling or repairing the underside of your roof. Whether you’re already an expert on the idea of soffits and fascias or have no clue what either of these words mean, we can help! We’ve put together a basic guide to both.

Both of these elements are crucial to the roof and must remain undamaged to maintain the building’s structural integrity. They each have a distinct purpose and are necessary for the efficiency of your house. Not to mention, they serve to keep small animals and bugs from making homes in your roof or attic.


Soffit (pronounced “saa fuht”) is a hybrid of a French word meaning “formed as a ceiling” and a Latin term “to fix underneath.” The soffit is the underside of the overhanging part of your roof. It is usually made of vinyl, serving as effective ventilation to draw heat and moisture out of the attic and away from the house.


Fascia boards are the vertical edges that connect the gutter and the roof. The fascia of a house is easily damaged, mostly because it serves as a buffer between outdoor conditions and the roof. This is because a water-damaged fascia is easier and cheaper to replace than an entire roof with water damage. Additionally, the fascia boards add a cleaner, smoother look to the overall roof.

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