When it comes to home renovations, there are an unbelievable amount of costs. It’s a good idea to cut down superfluous costs; however, windows are not an area that you want to skimp when remodeling your home.

Windows significantly impact the overall space, lighting, aesthetic, and temperature in your home. You should be sure that your window choices during a remodel are high-quality, efficient, and stylish. There are several benefits to investing in quality windows:

  • Save energy in your home
  • Lower heating/air costs
  • Interior comfort
  • Reduced condensation
  • More light
  • Better views
  • Diminished fading of furniture/decor

As you can see, the better the window, the better the benefits! Efficient windows may be expensive; however, the investment is worthwhile. Not only do they lower energy costs and increase comfort, they also raise the overall value of your home.

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Enhance your home with replacement windows and energy-efficient windows from Royal Exteriors!

Not only do you get top-quality products and expert craftsmanship, but you also get windows that protect and improve the interior of your home while maintaining a beautiful aesthetic!

Heat-Reflecting Glass

Low-e, heat-reflecting glass is vital to the comfort and energy savings of your home. The reflective coating applied to the glass ensures the reduction in heat gain and glare from outside UV rays while allowing visible light to illuminate your space. 

Because the glass reflects and absorbs the sun’s rays, it’s the standard in energy-savings for your home’s heating and cooling costs, and as a result, the interior temperature is more comfortable. 

Insulated Window Frames

As a homeowner, you’re always looking for ways to improve the efficiency of your home, which means more money for you! Insulated window frames are just one more feature to enhance energy-savings in your home. 

Old window frames allow air to flow freely, meaning air is escaping from your house just as much as it’s entering from the outdoors. Improve the comfort of your home while lowering the energy bills and staving-off condensation when you invest in insulated window frames.  

Sealed Window Edges

Weather stripping is imperative to keeping your home protected from the influx of outside moisture because it creates a tight seal to stop rain and air from spilling in.

Multi-Pane Windows

The standard window was once one pane of glass and has since transformed to common types such as double-pane, triple-pane, and multi-pane windows, and while they all slightly vary, they decrease the amount of heat transfer that happens, thus improving the comfort and efficiency of your home.   

When you partner with Royal Exteriors, you can rely on windows that are durably constructed with exceptional warranties from a company that has your back and a solution!

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